Floor sanding and polishing your floors by yourself

floor sanding by yourself

The purpose of this is not to be a detailed DIY ground abrasive article, but some general advice is concerned about the matter, especially with regard to the choice of equipment and the amount of work.

Can I Sand My Wood Floor by hand?

Is it possible? Yes. Is it wise? Not by chance. Brisbane floor sanding is easy on paper, but if you want a high-quality result, you need to put your efforts into it. If you use this already challenging process, a real nightmare may come if you decide to use small hand grinders in a vain attempt to save money. If you have a large space, it is even more difficult. Considering the amount of work that is done with small hand grinding is not impossible, but it’s easy or efficient smart. The problem lies in the fact that first – hand grinders are intended to cover only very small areas and especially for places where larger and more powerful devices can not be achieved in the situation. And second – hand grinders simply do not get done right on the raw power that is needed to do the job. You can do with them a fine buffing, but a complete grinding? Unfortunately for the DIY budding expert, you can’t.

If you are still not convinced your best bet may be to use a regular handheld belt sander because it’s a flexible and powerful machine capable of working on both rough and smooth surfaces with a simple change of the sandpaper. It can remove old finish pretty well and comes in a variety of sizes, the most common being 3×21- inches.

Can I use orbital sander to Refinish my floor?

No, we’re not talking about the small sander, random orbital hand, each has in your basement or garage. We have the much larger orbital sanders professional FlexiSand PD as Bona 1.5 and Lagler Trio into account.

Those are beautiful machines and quite useful too. The Bona flexiSand 1.5 comprises a drive plate and several separately driven heads attached thereto. However, they are designed to do finer, sanding and finishing rounds not be able to cope with more serious types of damage.

If you prefer to undergo a soil remediation working with a perfectly smooth and flat surface. Is a good choice, a sander machine that certainly is not lacking in power, but as a disadvantage to its design, it can not deal with uneven floorboards. You need an additional piece of equipment to do the first and only after that the sander can be effective.

However, disc sanders, they serve a purpose. The first rule when a floor sanding is to follow the grain. If you try sand cross grain, you will find that it tears the fibers of the wood. When finished, the notes during the grinding, eventually the ground visible and ruin the impression of a smooth surface.

If you apply a stain before finishing the negative effect will be quite noticeable. Imagine now, that you have where the parquet blocks facing different directions and forming a pattern. How do you refinish it? With the machine abrades in several directions at the same time, of course. Herein lies the genuine power of orbital sanders.

A Drum Sander or an endless belt

Please, do not confuse it with a hand-held belt sander belt sander endless. Despite the similarity in their names, the endless belt sander is a sanding floor for special equipment, while ordinary handheld sander is a general-purpose tool that is much smaller.

Now on the subject between the current drum sander and sander endless belt, the winner is the endless belt sander. Fingers in the nose. Why is that?

The drum sander is simply outdated and clumsy. Working with her is a slow and difficult process, and the result is less. In comparison, without a sander end the band (our company also uses) has a clutch near the handle that adjusts the level of the sanding drum surface. This not only makes equipment more comfortable but also gives the person doing the work much more control over the process. For safety tips when using sander, visit safework.gov.au for more info.

The combination of an endless belt with an edge sander to the most difficult places will arguably provide the best possible results. 

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